Waxing is a quick and effective way of hair removal.

Warm/hot wax grips to the hair and pulls it out straight from the follicle. Warm wax and hot wax is used for different areas, the warm wax (which looks like honey) is for legs, facial waxing and forearms. This wax is removed by a wax strip. Hot wax is a much thicker wax that sets onto to skin, once it turns solid it is then flicked off from the area. This wax grabs thick coarse hair, in the bikini line area and underarms.

Price List

Eyebrow Shape £10
Half Leg £15
Full Leg £18
Bikini £12
Extended Bikini £15
Underarm £10
Arms £10
Lip or Chin £5
Lip and Chin £8

We recommend that you repeat your waxing treatment every 4-6 weeks depending on the area.

Benefits of waxing


Slower hair growth

Finer and lighter hair

Lasts longer than shaving

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