make-up tutorials

Are you bored of doing the same makeup style everyday? Or maybe you're unsure of how to do your makeup? Make-Up tutorials are provided to help you feel more confident and comfortable with applying makeup.

Step by step


To begin with, we discuss your likes and dislikes and go through what you do already with your makeup.


When you are sure of your final result, we will then remove the makeup and show you step by step how to apply it and get you to join in with the application as well. This will help you to grow a lot more competent with applying the makeup in that style.


Myself or one of the make-up team will then do a makeup look on you, going by what suits your skin tone, eye colour and your answers from the consultation. We can alter the makeup throughout the session until you are fully happy.


At the end of the session, a list of makeup used is provided as well as a makeup routine for you to refer to.

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