About Me

My name is Stacie, and I have been in the Beauty & Aesthetic industry for over 10 years.
I started my own business in 2015, and have never looked back.
I studied my Level 2 Beauty & Level 3 Spa at Exeter College. My advanced skin treatment training was completed in London, followed by Aesthetic training here in the South West.
Although i love doing all beauty treatments, skincare & aesthetic treatments are my real passion.
I specialise in treating acne-prone skin, as well as other major skin concerns.
I can proudly say that my business has won multiple awards over the years. 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' 2017, Silver Award for Best Beauty Academy in 2019, 'One of Top 7 Skin Specialists in the UK' from UK Beauty Awards 2022
I have my own at-home beauty studio based in Exmouth. However, due to demand, i am also located in other locations across South west'
You will also find me in Tiverton, and Newton Poppleford.


For Exmouth bookings, you can book directly via this link:




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